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The Easiest SMS Tools For A Competitive Business In New York

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get in touch with new and existing customers, SMS is your answer. This is nothing more than a mass text broadcast to the people you wish to stay connected to.

Your customers connect with the world through their mobiles. This gives you a great opportunity to connect with them. In fact, there is no other technology that's as personal and effective as SMS messaging.

Thanks to our very easy SMS or Text Messaging platform, sending bulk SMS messages is easier (and more affordable!) than ever before. Here is the best part, you can try our service for free! Just fill out a quick form and in 30 seconds, we'll give you 10 SMS credits to get started. Just go here

Start now and get 10 FREE SMS Credits!

Here's just a few benefits to using our Easy SMS platform for New York businesses:

Want to drive extra customers to your place of business on those "slow" days/nights?

You can easily send out an SMS blast to your customer base, letting them know about your latest promotion, sale, holiday special. This is a proven way to quickly get that cash register ringing.

Make more money with dirt cheap marketing

SMS marketing costs very little - especially when you compare to the profit you can make. According to statistics, mobile marketing has the highest open rates over email and various other forms of notice. This virtually guarantees that your target market will get to see your promotional messages.

Create unique promotions with SMS coupons - with just a few clicks!

It's so easy to create SMS discount coupons you'll want to use them all the time. You can have a unique coupon attached to each message automatically. Then, either you or your staff can easily validate each coupon, and even mark it as used - all from the comfort of your laptop.

Dominate your market so fast, your competition won't know what hit them

Text marketing has not yet been discovered by many business owners - this is your opportunity to gain ground before the battle even begins. On the other hand, those who are using these strategies are experiencing great results. Users who choose to be engaged on this level WANT what you have to offer...and we're here to help make it VERY easy to get that info to them!

Easy Web Capture Forms - Copy, paste and watch your prospect list grow.

You can add a simple web form to your website or blog and start collecting mobile numbers from your customers in a matter of minutes! In addition, you can redirect your customer to a "specials" page shown to new subscribers just after signing up. This will allow you to try and convert them to another offer while you have their attention. Don't miss out on this cool, unique, opportunity!